Get to know Sai, our CEO and Co-Founder, and his journey of building SensorFlow

Ever since our establishment in 2016, SensorFlow has been growing and expanding to international markets rapidly, providing an innovative energy and productivity solution that is affordable and non-disruptive to hotels across Southeast Asia. While our journey in making smart hotels a reality is beginning to reach new milestones, our CEO and Co-founder, Sai, reflects back on his humble beginnings when setting up SensorFlow from ground zero during his latest interview with Startup Valley Magazine.

"Ultimately, we envision a smart city and world, where our collective efforts are geared towards combating climate change."

Saikrishnan Ranganathan

From his first encounter with his Co-Founder and CTO, Max Pagel, at a startup incubation program in Singapore, Entrepreneur First, to building a solid team of 50 people in our Singapore office within one year, Sai shares his enriching learning experiences from overcoming major challenges as the Co-Founder and CEO of SensorFlow. He attributed SensorFlow’s exponential growth in 2019 to the team’s success in establishing product-market fit, a fundamental yet vital strategy that has to be implemented at the get-go and continuously developed as the business/market evolves.

In the interview, Sai also reveals his early motivations and industry background that helped to open the first chapter of SensorFlow back then. The combination of his lifelong passion for creating a practical sustainability solution and his years of experience in the smart energy technology sector had grown SensorFlow into one of the top Singapore-based leaders in the global proptech industry. With SensorFlow’s USPs fulfilling the global demand for an advanced, yet accessible sustainability solution, Sai is leading us closer to reaching our target of installing one million smart rooms by 2023 as we progress towards developing new productivity features to enable seamless data-sharing and smart automation to all property types worldwide.

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