Enjoy immediate savings with our zero upfront-cost payment model

With our Pay-As-You-Save (PAYS) profit-sharing payment model, hotels only pay an agreed percentage of the savings without any upfront costs. We never charge more than what we save. Hotels can start saving up to 50% on HVAC costs immediately after installation.

The monthly payments cover the installation and implementation of our solution, including our full suite of hardware, software and ongoing support services.

Never pay for more than you save!

Amount Payable

Depending on the agreed terms, hotels only pay between 55% – 70% of the actual savings generated every month

Guaranteed Savings

Hotels will never pay more than they save. This means you are guaranteed to save costs and reduce energy consumption.

What’s Included

Support That’s Included

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager for your hotel
  • 5-year warranty for product replacement due to manufacturing defects
  • 5-year maintenance services and battery replacements for all hardware

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Projected yearly
Energy savings

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How do we calculate your actual savings?

The Measurement and Verification method used in our savings calculation complies with the most recent IPMVP and ASHRAE guidelines and goes beyond typical traditional methods by leveraging A.I. and machine learning to achieve more accurate and reliable cost-savings calculations for hotels.


Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will send you the monthly savings report then go through with you the details in the savings report to let you have a better understanding of how savings are generated and calculated.

SensorFlow uses the simulated baseline approach to calculate your hotel's energy savings. This method simulates the curves and patterns of your hotel's energy consumption if SensorFlow wasn't installed and compares that against the actual energy consumption using SensorFlow. To understand our calculation methods better, watch the explainer video above on how we calculate energy savings.

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