Tracxn Names SensorFlow Among 2020 Top Energy Efficiency and Top IoT Application Startups

We are excited to announce that SensorFlow has made it Tracxn’s two lists of 2020 Top Emerging Startups in the category of Energy Efficiency Technology and IoT Application. The lists are part of Tracxn’s latest Emerging Awards series that recognises the topmost companies in Energy Efficiency Tech from across the globe.

SensorFlow has been highlighted as a Minicorn in both categories, placed amongst other leading tech startups across the globe.

The Tracxn Emerging Awards is an initiative by Tracxn to publicly recognise the top global companies across various sectors. Apart from the well-known Unicorns, the award series also identifies companies that can soon be Unicorns (the Soonicorns) as well as the companies that have the potential to become Unicorns in the longer run (the Minicorns). These ratings are based on a detailed analysis by internal sector specialist teams coupled with a combination of publicly available signals such as market size, investment by marquee investors, execution excellence and future growth prospects.

Unlocking this achievement amid the pandemic drives our company to continue persevering and innovating with our smart energy-saving and productivity solutions for the hospitality industry. In addition to helping the industry minimise energy cost and operate more efficiently, our solution and unique business model are empowering hotels and resorts across Southeast Asia with real-time insights and valuable big data for effortless optimisation of their energy systems and workforce management in this post-COVID-19 period. We are looking forward to strengthening our portfolio of hotels and properties and expanding our global reach, making smart and green buildings a reality around the world.