Has your hotel been operating with optimised energy efficiency and
labour productivity since reopening?

With the global easing of travel bans and the reopening of hotels, the hotel industry is now witnessing a new world of increasingly digitised operational processes and high-tech guest experiences like never before.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the industry from a high-touch environment and labour-intensive business into a high-tech experience offered by a greatly limited workforce. Furthermore, hotels must adjust to the low occupancy trends as well as strict health and safety protocols expected by hotel guests and industry regulatory authorities.

This “new normal” requires hotels to develop strategies that will optimise their resources to operate at maximum capacity and build long-term competitiveness and sustainability. By focusing on the two most significant expenditures within the hospitality industry, this webinar will leverage on critical insights from real-life hotel case studies to develop data-driven strategies that tackle key hotel challenges and help to optimise your hotel’s energy efficiency and labour productivity during this post-COVID period.

HERE are the key insights THAT you can GAIN:

  • The latest hospitality trends and new guest expectations in the post-COVID world
  • The most pressing post-COVID challenges to be addressed by the hotel industry
  • Critical data-driven strategies to optimise energy efficiency and labour productivity for long-term competitiveness and sustainability
  • Walkthrough of actual hotel data case studies on practical solutions for smart hotel management post-COVID
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This LIVE webinar will feature a series of case studies on smart technological solutions adopted by hotels across Southeast Asia. By implementing smart hotel management solutions, like SensorFlow’s, these hotels had saved up to 30% of energy costs and up to 40% of their maintenance costs. Find out how your hotel could also apply smart hotel solutions from this webinar!


There will be a LIVE Q&A session where you can interact with our host, the CEO and Co-Founder of an award-winning hotel technology provider, Saikrishnan Ranganathan. Take this opportunity to ask all your questions on smart hotel technologies and how to leverage them during this post-pandemic period. 

Get to know our speaker:

Saikrishnan Ranganathan
Founder and CEO of SensorFlow

One of the youngest thought leaders in the region, Sai is recognised by the global technology industry and renowned investors on his technical and entrepreneurial expertise in transforming SensorFlow into a viable and scalable business model across different markets. Within three years, Sai has successfully built SensorFlow into an award-winning smart energy solution provider for hotels across Southeast Asia.

With an extensive background in energy management and smart home automation, Sai developed SensorFlow’s smart solution to help hotels save up to 30% in total energy bills, improve operational productivity and increase sustainability.

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