The Hospitality Industry’s State of Recovery for Asia Pacific

SensorFlow had its first global webinar and we had an amazing bunch of speakers. To make the webinar digestible, we’ve split it into a four-part web series to shine the limelight on all four speakers.

For the last part of this web series, we have Bernard Kee representing Asia Pacific (APAC). He shares statistical data about the hospitality industry’s current and forecasted state of recovery.

Watch Bernard Kee’s presentation here:

Despite the rise of domestic travel within the APAC region, the demand will not sustain the recovery of all the travel and hospitality industries across the region; some travel destinations like Phuket and Bali still depend on international travellers to recover. Hotels need to shift their strategies to cater to a whole new market.

What is being covered?

  1. How Australia’s COVID-19 situation is and how it’s impacted hotels in different states.

  2. How Japan’s COVID-19 situation is and how it’s impacted hotels in different states.

  3. China’s rate of recovery and how domestic travel has helped the hospitality industry.

  4. If Southeast Asian countries are able to follow China’s path of recovery.

About the Speaker:


Leading STR’s South East Asia region, primarily focused on hospitality-related development, Bernard Kee has a wealth of experience in providing partners with a regional perspective to make informed planning decisions.

He is an inspirational STR speaker at travel conferences and has been in airlines, hotels, online travel businesses and hospitality data – STR for over 16 years.

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