SensorFlow’s First Virtual Panel Talk

Are you ready to advance your hotel with smart solutions?

As the world recovers from the global COVID-19 pandemic, hotel occupancy rates are beginning to rise and travel bans are gradually being lifted. Along with the emergence of new industry regulations and best practices, hotels are now faced with the “new normal” and challenges to adapt to in order to bounce back stronger after the crisis. One common solution is the adoption of smart technology for contactless management and energy-efficient strategies. 

With the plethora of smart technologies and innovations in the current era, do you know how to choose and leverage the right solution to cater to the unique needs of your hotel?  Featuring experts with key positions in the hospitality industry, our first virtual panel talk provides unique insights and helpful resources to help your hotel adapt to the “new normal” and become smarter, more efficient and more productive.

What will be covered?

  • Insights on the most critical trends and the most pressing challenges in terms of technology adoption in SEA hotel industry 
  • The current smart hotel technology landscape and their role in advancing the hospitality industry’s recovery from COVID-19 and for mitigating the impacts of future crises
  • Critical strategies and practical tips to implement the right technology best aligned to your hotels’ unique needs and long-term goals.
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In this panel discussion, key leaders and expert stakeholders of the hospitality industry share and discuss their insights and perspectives gained from their unique experiences and background in the hospitality industry.  

Panel Speakers:

Bennath Evea
Hospitality Operations Leader

As a hotel operations director with over 12 years of experience working in a 5-star hotels internationally, Bennath has first-hand experience on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hospitality industry.

With her most recent professional experience managing hotel operations in Bali, she understands the new operational measures and procedures to be implemented both locally and internationally that ensures hotel’s maximum operational efficiency and guests’ safety and satisfaction.

Saikrishnan Ranganathan
Founder and CEO of SensorFlow

One of the youngest thought leaders in the region, Sai builds SensorFlow into an award-winning smart energy solution provider for hotels across Southeast Asia.

With an extensive background in energy management and smart home automation, Sai develops SensorFlow’s smart solution to help hotels save up to 30% in total energy bills, improve operational productivity and increase sustainability.

Hamzah Raja
Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner of RHL Ventures

Hamzah has a vast experience in various investment roles in big corporations such as Rasma Corporation, Guoco Management Company, and Goldman Sachs Asset Management, having advised an extensive portfolio of technology and real estate companies and startups in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Currently spearheading RHL Ventures, a leading South East Asian venture capital fund focusing on early stage technology opportunities, Hamzah is well-versed in the current landscape of technological innovations and their trends amid the current COVID-19 economic crisis.


Bernard Kee
SEA Regional Manager of STR

Leading STR’s South East Asia region primarily focused on hospitality-related development, Bernard has wealth of experiences in providing partners with regional perspective to make informed planning decisions.

An inspirational STR speaker at travel conferences, Bernard started his career in consumer banking before moving to tourism sector and has been in airlines, hotels, online travel businesses and hospitality data – STR for over 16 years.

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