Is sustainability still important to hotels during COVID?

The talk of sustainability has been overshadowed by the pandemic that has pushed hotels to do extreme cost-cutting measures. The association of sustainable programs being expensive has led to hotels putting sustainable initiatives in the backseat of their to-do list this year.

With hospitality being part of commercial buildings, the industry contributed to 12.3% of the Earth’s carbon emissions in 2018. These figures are expected to increase by 130% by 2035 if hotels don’t try to curb their emissions now.

The question now is, how should hotels react to this? Is sustainability the right strategy for hotels to recover and gain a strong standing in the post-COVID world? Will sustainability programs burn more holes in the hotels’ already-loose pockets?

What will be covered?

  • What should hotels do to prepare for “eco-travellers”?
  • Possible opportunities or drawbacks in focusing on sustainability at this time.
  • How sustainability trends are evolving for the hospitality industry in Southeast Asia.
  • The available sustainability programs/solutions for hotels that are cost-effective and why they’re important for hotels to consider.
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Industry leaders discuss their perspectives on whether sustainability is still a virtue that hotels should prioritise.




Saikrishnan Ranganathan, CEO of SensorFlow

Saikrishnan Ranganathan
CEO & Co-founder of SensorFlow

One of the youngest thought leaders in the region, Sai builds SensorFlow into an award-winning smart energy solution provider for hotels across Southeast Asia.

With an extensive background in energy management and smart home automation, Sai develops SensorFlow’s smart solution to help hotels save up to 30% in total energy bills, improve operational productivity and increase sustainability.

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