With the COVID-19 pandemic taking its toll on the travel and hospitality industry, hotels were left with extremely low occupancies.

And despite it being a temporary problem, the challenge remains pressing in the short term. 

Realizing how big of a struggle this has been, SensorFlow worked tirelessly on developing a system that would help hotels save more energy and expenses during these difficult times, and improve sustainability in the hotel industry,

“We discovered that we can reduce energy consumption up to 30% by allocating guest bookings to rooms that are more energy efficient for the hotel’s HVAC system.”
Saikrishnan Ranganathan
Saikrishnan Ranganathan, CEO, and co-founder of SensorFlow Pte Ltd.

As of October 2021, hotels across Southeast Asia and Europe can start profiting from a brand new Smart Room Allocation system (SmartAlloc): an innovative, data-driven platform that helps reduce energy consumption by allocating guest bookings to the most energy-efficient rooms. SmartAlloc provides an energy-efficient room allocation plan based on known arrivals and departures, drawn from the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS). 

Using SmartAlloc, the front desk will now easily and reliably tell which rooms are best to save energy and costs and improve sustainability for the hotel. 

The energy-efficient setup looks at four weeks worth of bookings: based on when the guests are checking in and out, SmartAlloc indicates which is the most efficient allocation for the hotel. Taking into account the guests already staying at the hotel.

SmartAlloc comes to complement the Smart Room Energy Management solution (SmartREM) which reduces energy consumption during high occupancy periods, SmartAlloc reduces energy during the low occupancy periods where a great number of hotels find themselves consuming more energy than necessary. 

These two solutions combined create a holistic energy management solution that aims to improve sustainability in the hotel, increase the hotel’s energy efficiency, and improve its operational productivity.

SmartAlloc will integrate with the hotel’s Property Management Systems (PMS) and render specific recommendations to the operator following the staff workflow, central controller, and Building Management Systems as long as the hotel already has SensorFlow’s Smart Room Energy Management solution installed.

SensorFlow will create a room efficiency score in a way that when a guest checks in, the system identifies the most energy-efficient room available, making sure that the hotel’s least energy-efficient rooms are not being used at a time of low occupancies.

Smart hotel management is an important notion nowadays because of its significant improvement to the customer experience. By streamlining the check-in and check-out process, guest satisfaction will be boosted considerably. The right hotel management software will tremendously cut down the time spent on manual administrative tasks. Manual errors will be prevented, and revenue will, therefore, be optimized.

In addition to the economic savings of the hotel when using this product, SmartAlloc also boosts the sustainability credentials of the hotel and helps them achieve their carbon reduction goals.

Consumers are more than ever now thinking about sustainability and are looking for eco-friendly brands that can satisfy their needs while supporting the environment. This highlights the pressing need for the adoption of smart solutions in order to improve sustainability in the hotel industry. For this reason, SensorFlow is constantly innovating and working on developing opportunities to help hoteliers save money on energy costs to improve their overall business outcomes. 

With the combination of our Smart Room Energy Management solution (SmartREM) and Smart Room Allocation system (SmartAlloc), your hotel’s revenue, savings and sustainability will increase, during both the high and low occupancy.

If you’d like to know more about energy-saving technologies and sustainability solutions for your hotel, get in touch with our experts today.