Most people don’t realize how little they know about using an air conditioner (A/C). After all, if the “up” and “down” arrows work, what else matters? As it turns out, there’s much more to these appliances. In fact, their misuse seriously eats into hospitality industry profits. The data reported in our upcoming article, How Hotel Guests are Using the A/C All Wrong, provides evidence of this misuse. Here’s a little teaser of what you can expect.

Eco-Friendly is in Vogue

While collecting data with SensorFlow’s solution, we found a disconnect between public opinion and public behavior. A great majority claimed that energy efficiency was important to them in a hotel, but you would be surprised how often their actions don’t match up – the data we collected speaks otherwise.

Maybe They Just Need a Little Bump

The 1,000-room data analysis by SensorFlow highlights one of the ways hotel guests misuse the A/C. Our findings showed that guests often turn their A/C down to 19°C believing it will get their room cooler quicker. If the temperature ever drops this low, though, most guests immediately turn the thermostat back up.

Unfortunately, many A/C units can’t reach this level of cooling. Due to system changes or a lack of maintenance, it may keep going at full blast to try to reach 19°C while never being able to drop the temperature below 21°C. This results in a waste of energy as the A/C tries to reach a temperature that the guest would find uncomfortable – that is, if they were even in the room.

SensorFlow works to reduce this energy waste through artificial intelligence (AI) and the massive connectivity intrinsic to the internet of things (IoT). In fact, its live monitoring and automation system can help save over 12 trees a month for a 100-room hotel.

In our full article, we report on critical findings from our dataset – you’ll find out key insights as such an average guest’s preferred temperature; how much time guests usually spend in their room as well as how your hotel can take advantage of automation and occupancy data to minimize wastage, improve your HVAC efficiency and be a more sustainable hotel.

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More Revealing Info to Come

Every industry must evolve with technology and popular trends, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the hospitality space. Artificial intelligence is improving the way air conditioners work and the way hoteliers manage their HVAC energy use. The conclusions drawn from our studies thus far have proven this. If you’d like to be the first to read our full article, How Hotel Guests are Using the A/C All Wrong, or be alerted of new findings, sign up for our newsletter today. You can also use this contact form for more information on SensorFlow.