Our wireless devices are easily retrofitted to any new or existing system with installations taking as little as 5 minutes per room. That means no downtime or operational disruptions.

Runs without Wi-Fi

Our family of devices are connected via our proprietary network. Stay worry-free as our system always automates, monitors, and collects data even if your Wi-Fi is down.

Easily Integrated

Compatible with most HVAC systems allowing your hotel to be more energy-efficient, increase operational productivity, and be a sustainable building and brand.


SmartREM is a network of devices that is compatible with most HVAC systems, whether they are Split-Units, VRVs, District Coolers/Chiller Systems, Heaters or Boiler. Learn how each of SensorFlow’s devices works with a specific type of HVAC system and watch the video to see how easy the installation is.

SensorFlow measures the energy consumption of your boilers and chillers and correlates the measured consumption with the heating and cooling demand recorded from our smart thermostats. This allows us to create a detailed demand response model to accurately calculate the savings achieved by our system.

Our Smart Room Energy Management system adjusts the set-points of each room to an optimal level according to the live occupancy status of every room. This technology used in hotels reduces the amount of hot/cold water needed, reducing water loss from cooling towers and potentially limiting the number of Chillers/Towers/Heaters/Boilers which need to be in operation at any one time.

Our smart thermostat controls the HVAC and monitors the ambient temperature and ambient humidity in the guest rooms. These real-time insights are accessible via our online dashboard and analyzed by our team to provide performance insights on equipment performance and room comfort through monthly HVAC performance reports.

Our Smart Room Energy Management system is connected to either our Infra-red wireless Smart Thermostat or Wall Thermostat and sends signals to the VRV/VRF system.

The thermostat adjusts the set-point of the room to optimal temperatures for minimal energy consumption when our Occupancy Sensor detects that a room is unoccupied. Our Energy Monitor continuously records and collects power consumption trends and system performance from the condensing units. This data allows us to understand the consumption curve of the VRV/VRF system when heating or cooling which can then be used to project energy consumption.

Real-time performance insights are accessible via our online dashboard, the data collected by our system is analyzed by our team to provide performance insights helping to identify maintenance requirements and system malfunctions.

In a split unit HVAC system, our Occupancy Sensor detects when a room is unoccupied and sends that information to our Gateway. Our Gateway, that stores all the settings information for each room, then automates either the Split Unit Smart Thermostat or Smart Wall Thermostat to either turn off the HVAC system or change it to a more energy-efficient setting.

Our Energy Monitor that is installed in the distribution board, then continuously monitors and records the power consumption trends and system performance which allows us to understand the curve of the split unit system when the HVAC is working.

These real-time data and insights are accessible via our online dashboard and analyzed by our team of qualified data scientists to provide timely alerts to potential malfunctions through monthly HVAC performance reports.


SensorFlow’s battery-powered wireless devices can be easily retrofitted with zero disruptions to your daily operations. As SensorFlow's smart hotel software is also committed to minimising the environmental impact our activities have, we are conscious about managing the life cycle of all our products to avoid improper disposal. Our products come with a 5-year warranty, although we expect the devices to last longer than the warranted years.

proprietary long-range wireless smart hotel technology

It connects to the sensors and nodes, gathers data from them and sends control signals to automate them using LoRa radio

Great Coverage

Has an indoor range of about 100m, this means a single gateway can cover multiple floors of rooms (up to 1000 nodes)


It can work even if the internet connection is offline to continue performing the automation and data collection, it syncs the data back with our cloud when the internet connection comes back online

latest technology

SensorFlow’s occupancy sensor is based on a cutting edge ceiling-mounted PIR (Passive Infrared) heat and motion-sensing technology

Retrofit & Wireless

They are easy and fast to install. Also, being battery-powered, they do not require any special wiring. These are mounted on the ceiling of the room using drills


With our Patented Greenwave PIR technology, it detects movements as small as 10cm reliably. It has a 360° view of the room and covers up to 5×5 m2

Quick & Easy Installation

Installation involves replacing the existing thermostat and mapping the wires to the fan coil unit (FCU) from the existing wiring

Control Remotely

The thermostat settings can be adjusted remotely with any mobile device via our cloud-based dashboard for effortless control

Real-time data

Has a temperature and humidity sensor that reports the set-point, room temperature, and humidity to the Gateway, every 15 minutes or whenever there is any change in the set-point/mode/fan speed.


The energy monitor is battery operated and does not need any special wiring to install

Real-time data

The energy monitor monitors the current flowing through electrical wires and reports them back to the Gateway every 15 minutes


The thermostats are completely wireless, battery-operated and require no special wiring to install. The thermostats control the air-conditioner’s fan coil unit (FCU) using Infrared (IR) signals just like an A/C remote

Real-time Data

The thermostat has a temperature and humidity sensor and reports the set-point, room temperature and humidity to the Gateway every 15 minutes or whenever there is any change in the setpoint/mode/fan speed

Control Remotely

The thermostat receives control signals from the Gateway to adjust the set-point, fan speed, and mode in response to change in controls on the cloud-based dashboard or to perform automation based on the occupancy status


Completely wireless, battery-powered, and do not require any special wiring to install. They can also be used for windows

Real-time data

They relay information to the Gateway that the balcony doors or windows are open or closed in the room. This information can be seen by users on SensorFlow’s cloud-based dashboard.

Start using the latest technology in the hotel industry.