Stay updated and informed with actionable insights

We offer detailed monthly reports providing actionable insights into what is happening in your hotel and suggest practical recommendations to help you develop data-driven strategies for smarter and more efficient HVAC systems and hotel management.

Conduct data-driven operations from our extensive analysis on individual room and property levels with the HVAC automation controls.

HVAC Automation Controls

Establish the most energy-efficient setting for your hotel HVAC system

Understand your property better with real-time data and HVAC analysis

Handle HVAC system issues remotely and effectively to enhance guest satisfaction

Energy consumption and savings

SensorFlow constantly monitors the energy consumption of every room in your property that has our solution installed. Gain actionable insights from our monthly savings report that covers a wide spectrum of data, including:

  • Monthly energy consumption
  • Energy savings day on day for the month
  • Total number of automation hours
  • Average daily guest occupancy
  • HVAC set-point limitation

HVAC System Analysis*

Optimise your heating and cooling system with key insights and practical analysis on the health and performance of your HVAC system. Now you can advance towards predictive maintenance strategies by receiving timely alerts from our report that highlights:

  • Rooms with faulty system or equipment
  • Critical issues of underperforming HVAC system
  • Energy performance audit

*Feature coming soon

Room Humidity Insights

To help you ensure your rooms are well maintained for maximum comfort, we provide you with comprehensive Humidity Reports to help you prevent humidity-related issues such as condensation and mould growth. We help you measure and identify:

  • Average relative humidity and dew point level across your property
  • Rooms at high-risk of humidity issues
  • Possible factors contributing to high humidity

Guest Behavioural Analysis

Our team of experts puts together a customised Guest Behavioural report, to enhance guests’ experience by understanding your guests’ preferences and behaviours. Get to know your guests with these insights:

  • Average room temperature
  • Average guests’ preferred temperature set-points
  • Trends and patterns of occupancy in guest rooms

Ongoing and Personalised Support

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers regularly monitor and track your hotel rooms’ environments and HVAC performance to provide insightful recommendations for optimising your energy savings and operational productivity.

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SensorFlow has been a great support in helping us to optimise our energy management and room maintenance strategies to save costs, especially during our hotel’s closure due to COVID-19. Since day one of completing their installation, SensorFlow’s automation system has worked smoothly and has been generating the savings that we expected. Their dedicated Customer Success Team and insightful maintenance reports have also maximised the productivity and efficiency of our engineer deployment. We look forward to continuing to advance our operations with data-driven strategies in future.

Sukhumnanda S
General Manager
Mera Mare Pattaya

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