After 5 years of business helping hotels optimize energy consumption and save costs in Southeast Asia, SensorFlow is now ready to bring its energy-saving systems to hotels in Europe. 

Hotels’ energy saving is even more critical now for two reasons, one economic and one environmental. The first connects to the COVID-19 pandemic and the drastic economic crisis it brought to the hotel industry and tourism. In 2019, the industry contributed 2191 billion euros to European GDP, however, this number decreased almost by half during 2020. While the number of tourists was reduced during the pandemic, energy costs remained high, which enhanced the need to find a way to save energy during low-occupancy periods.  

The second connects to the global warming crisis and the COP26 Summit, where different countries met to discuss the actions towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Every industry in the world economy is modernizing and standardizing its procedures to adapt to the implementation of new technology and inventions that can help reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

SensorFlow Hotel Energy Saving Solutions in Europe

How To Improve Energy Efficiency In European Hotels?

Inside the tourism sector, hospitality is still considered one of the biggest drivers of employment and profit. At the same time, it is part of the most energy-consuming and energy-intensive sectors. Some statistics show that hotels and accommodations, in general, contribute to 2% out of the 5% global CO2 emissions of the tourism industry.

Technology has integrated into every phase of human life, and the hotel industry is no different. From robots replacing valets parkers, so no human is needed to park a car, to smart sensors monitoring which hotel rooms are occupied in real-time. 

In some cases, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning can contribute to more than 50% of energy costs. There’s a vast selection to improve your hotel’s performance and cut costs. Some aspects that need major improvements in hotels and could potentially save thousands of euros and energy are room allocation based on energy-efficient and climate control in rooms. 

SensorFlow’s Energy Savings Solutions

SensorFlow’s HVAC Automation Controls implement cutting-edge technology and network components. We use sensors that blend with several building automation systems collecting data even when there are no occupants, helping decrease costs, and facilitating human workload.

The main goal is to provide hotel managers with all the tools they will need to control the room occupancy, in order to optimize the use of the hotel HVAC systems, while at the same time collecting data and analytics that will allow saving energy by balancing the temperature when the room is unoccupied.

To combat the situation with low occupancies and high energy costs, SensorFlow’s Smart Room Allocation System (SmartAllocTM) implements a data-driven, innovative platform that automatically assigns rooms in the most energy-efficient way. This will not only decrease your costs but also improve your sustainability efforts.

SmartAllocTM will allocate rooms in a way that the least number of compressors need to be switched on. At the front desk, you see rooms automatically assigned in your Property Management System (PMS) without having to do anything further until the guest is ready for check-in.

SmartAllocTM helps hotels during low occupancy periods by reducing costs, increasing team productivity, and helping you reach your sustainability goals.

Your Sustainability Efforts

Every industry in the world is adapting to new technologies to improve its performance. In Europe, particularly, there have been many green initiatives in the past years, incentivizing businesses to not only implement these new technologies but also to reduce their carbon emissions and stop damaging the environment. 

If you are a hotel owner or manager and want to take a step towards greener hotel management, SensorFlow can help you do that while saving energy and reducing costs. Our technology allows you to be more energy-efficient, reducing costs, lowering operational workload, and maintaining customer satisfaction at all times.

Reach out to our friendly team for more energy-saving tips for hotels in Europe.