TTG Asia features our CEO Sai as he talks about leveraging technology for hotels to thrive in post-COVID norms

In our recent opinion article, Sai stresses the need for hoteliers to embrace smart technology and solutions as a critical strategy for hotels to optimise operational efficiency, reduce costs and – most importantly – foster genuine trust among guests in the post-pandemic travel landscape. Several key advancements in technology can now pave the way to helping hotels effectively and strategically address the challenge of the new industry standards and post-COVID normals: 

by achieving the perfect balance of conveying transparency and providing personalised services while remaining efficient and productive with a smaller labour force. This is where the adoption of technology will be a key determinant for a hotel’s smooth re-opening and recovery from the global pandemic.

Smart technology and solutions can add value to almost every aspect of a hotel’s re-entry and recovery plan. From safety and cleaning procedures, contactless yet hyper-personalised guest services, to streamlined and productivity-oriented staff management, digitisation – namely via IoT and remote working technology – is enabling hotels to adapt to the new post-COVID normals of hospitality more smoothly and effectively.

Sai also shares emerging technologies and their benefits that are key to achieving each aspect of the hotel industry’s new normal. One innovative example mentioned in the article is the integration of bipolar ionisation technology into existing HVAC systems which enables hotels to augment existing cleanliness procedures in a non-intrusive yet sophisticated way. It provides active continuous disinfection without requiring extensive manual intervention from the hotel’s operational staff, allowing them to more effectively focus on maintaining guest comfort and providing assurances in line with their new contactless expectations.

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