SensorFlow’s SmartAlloc™ is set to revolutionize the hospitality industry with its energy and cost savings capabilities. SmartAlloc™ is an innovative, data-driven platform that helps reduce energy consumption by providing an energy-efficient room allocation plan based on known arrivals and departures drawn from the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS). 

“We discovered that by allocating guest rooms in a more energy-efficient way for the hotel’s VRR/VRF HVAC system, we can cut hotel energy costs by 5%”
Saikrishnan Ranganathan
Saikrishnan Ranganathan, CEO, and co-founder of SensorFlow Pte Ltd.

How does SmartAlloc™ cut energy costs for hotels?

For hotels using a VRV/VRF HVAC system, the system comprises of fan coil units and compressors. Each compressor has multiple fan coil units connected to it, and each one of these units consumes energy. 

When your hotel is operating at occupancies lower than 75%, you may be running multiple compressors when you don’t actually need to. You could still service all guest rooms efficiently with fewer compressors running.

Assigning bookings without consideration of compressor utilization will result in higher energy usage. 

Using SmartAlloc™, we consolidate bookings to reduce the number of compressors that are running, saving energy.

When a new booking enters the system, SmartAlloc™ considers the compressors that are running in effect, remaining available compressors, and compressors that will be running in the future. Where possible, SmartAlloc™ will assign rooms that are connected to the same running compressors in order to minimize energy consumption. 

SmartAlloc™ continuously looks at all possible allocations and assigns rooms in a way that the least number of compressors are used. Reducing the number of compressors used in day-to-day hotel operations will reduce the hotel energy consumption and, ultimately, hotel energy costs. 

Upon installation, you see instant savings – SmartAlloc™ can cut hotel energy costs by 5% in 15 minutes. 

cut cost and energy intake

Easy integration with hotels’ property management system (PMS)

SmartAlloc™ is a software solution that requires no hardware integration into your hotel’s system. Onboarding SmartAlloc™ is a simple, quick process where hotels provide SensorFlow with access to your PMS systems, and SensorFlow then integrates SmartAlloc™.

Armed with your hotel’s compressor mapping, SmartAlloc™ can immediately get to work and start saving your energy consumption and bill. It’s as simple as that.

SmartAlloc™ works with all types of PMS and even has direct integration to certain PMS.

The front desk experience with SmartAlloc™.

SmartAlloc™ is a backend product and process that comes with SensorFlow’s own dashboard. The SmartAlloc™ dashboard helps you understand your hotel bookings and the allocations made by SmartAlloc™

Through the dashboard, you can also understand the energy-savings impact of the allocations. 

No actions are taken through this dashboard, thus, you needn’t go back and forth between your PMS interface and the SmartAlloc™ dashboard. SmartAlloc™’s algorithm sends an optimal room number to each reservation in your hotel’s PMS. Your front desk team staff can then effortlessly follow its guidance to reduce energy costs.

Save energy and cut up 5% of hotel energy costs with SmartAlloc™.

SensorFlow formulated the SmartAlloc™ solution to combat the low occupancy and high costs issue, which became a severe issue in the hospitality industry with COVID-19. With SmartAlloc™, hotels can cut 5% of total energy hotel costs.

Now more than ever, it is essential that hotels take steps to cut down costs as hotels begin to take steps to recover from the initial financial losses from COVID-19.

In addition to the economic savings, SmartAlloc™ also boosts the hotel’s sustainability credentials and helps hotels achieve their sustainability goals. A recent study shows that a whopping 85.6% of consumers are now willing to pay more for an eco-friendly choice of hotels.

SmartAlloc™ also helps improve your hotel’s team productivity, leaving you time to work on the more important things. Its automation cuts down the time spent on manual room allocation, which at the same time prevents manual human errors. 

If you’d like to learn more about how your hotel can start cutting energy costs immediately, get in touch with our experts today.