• Implement data-driven and efficient operational management strategies with live access to actionable data on room occupancy and environmental conditions.
  • Your housekeeping routes, room services plan and engineer’s maintenance schedules can be optimised to ensure maximum staff productivity and guest comfort.
  • Ensure guest satisfaction by quickly and remotely resolving guest room HVAC complaints.
  • Ensure optimal guest room conditions at all times by conducting predictive maintenance and smart humidity control. Our installation process involves zero operational disruption as all devices can be retrofitted in less than 5 minutes alongside usual housekeeping rounds.
  • Our SmartREM solution can save your hotel up to 30% on your total monthly energy bills during high occupancies with our ‘Pay As You Save’ payment model at no upfront cost.
  • Our SmartAlloc solution can further increase your hotel’s savings during low occupancies by up to 40% on your total monthly energy bills.
  • Enhance your brand as a smart and sustainable hotel by operating with minimal energy consumption powered by smart technologies like AI and IoT.
  • For every equivalent tonne of carbon emission, you offset using our solution, we help double your green impact by planting a tree in a deforested area via our chosen organisation, OneTreePlanted™.
  • Gain full access to live data on your HVAC system performance via a single cloud-based dashboard.
  • We help you analyse data into personalised monthly reports to give you actionable insights to achieve your departmental goals.
  • Increase your engineering team’s productivity with our SmartAlloc* solution – advancing towards predictive maintenance strategies, supported by our smart data collection and analytic services.
  • Prevent condensation and humidity issues with our SmartREM system which helps identify high-risk rooms for your maintenance teams to attend to immediately.
  • Our full stack of sensors and devices can be easily retrofitted to any new or existing HVAC system including split unit systems, VRV/VRFs, and chillers or boilers.

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