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Entrepreneur First Interviews our CEO on Making Buildings Smarter with IoT

Ever wanted to know more about SensorFlow and how it all started? Watch EF’s interview with our CEO Sai, as he talks about why he left Goldman Sachs to make a bigger impact on climate change: by creating an affordable and sustainable energy solution available to all at ZERO upfront cost.

SensorFlow Raises US$2.7M in Series A Funding

As reported on The Straits Times and The Business Times, SensorFlow is proud to announce that we have successfully raised US$2.7 million in series A funding led by private investor Pierre Lorinet, along with contributions from existing investor, Singapore-based Cocoon Capital. This is also followed by Entrepreneur First, Investments, Aurum Land and Insitu Asia […]

Sense and Sustainability

In your hotel room’s bathroom, a neatly printed card encourages you to reuse your linen and towels. The room itself is equipped with energy-efficient lighting and air-conditioning; meanwhile, the restaurant downstairs boasts organic produce and locally sourced ingredients. With profit margins on the line and an increasingly environmentally conscious clientele willing to pay for eco-friendly […]