How Does SensorFlow Calculate A Hotel’s Energy Savings?

SensorFlow is a smart energy management solution that uses IoT (Internet of Things) and A.I. to help hotels achieve energy efficiency, operational excellence, sustainability. We’ve talked a lot about how our solution works in helping hotels reduce energy consumption and the data that we provide to help hotels gain a competitive advantage amidst this pandemic. However, we’ve not really delved into the technicality of how we calculate the savings we generate for hotels.

We’ve created an explainer video to help explain exactly that! This video will bring you through the processes we go through to reliably and confidently tell you how much savings your hotel’s HVAC system has achieved from using our solution.

Watch The Explainer Video Below

If this video wasn’t enough, you can download our in-depth technical document on the measurement and verification methodology we use to calculate a hotel’s energy savings from using our solution.