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Fighting Humidity in Hotels: An In-Depth Guide

When it comes to HVAC optimization and automation in hotels, the main goal of most owners is maintaining a comfortable temperature for guests while maximising savings. These are certainly important, but tracking and maintaining optimal humidity levels are far too often overlooked. However, excess moisture in the air can result in mildew, mold and bacteria […]

SensorFlow’s 5-Minute Smart Room Installation Video

We know how disruptive new upgrades can be to a hotel. That’s why SensorFlow’s wireless solution easily retrofits in under 5 minutes per room. We just go in with housekeeping, and leave when they do – zero disruptions. Don’t believe us? Watch this magic:

Make No “Reservations” About Being a Smarter, Greener Hotel

If you stepped out of a 1950’s-era hotel room into a modern-day suite, you wouldn’t notice much difference other than the décor and high-definition TV. It seems as if decades have gone by without any real improvements to the guest experience or efficiency-focused best practices. Thanks to green hotel tech and other smart technologies though, this has been changing in recent years.

Entrepreneur First Interviews our CEO on Making Buildings Smarter with IoT

Ever wanted to know more about SensorFlow and how it all started? Watch EF’s interview with our CEO Sai, as he talks about why he left Goldman Sachs to make a bigger impact on climate change: by creating an affordable and sustainable energy solution available to all at ZERO upfront cost.

Smart Hotels Save 40% on Energy – How can your hotel use technology to maximise energy efficiency?

Get key insights from SensorFlow’s CEO, Sai, with this brief introduction on how to leverage on AI, automation and IoT to maximise your energy efficiency and save over 40% on energy costs. If you’re also looking to maximise your hotel’s HVAC operational efficiency, check out our article on getting 10X ROI with predictive maintenance here. […]

Hotels and Their Guests are Going Green – With Big Data

Governments of the world are now working together in order to combat climate change. In recent years, the implementation of new government legislations and incentive schemes has resulted in many businesses striving for more eco-friendly practices. In the hospitality industry, hotels are going green at an increasing rate. It’s an unfortunate fact, however, that it’s […]

SensorFlow Raises US$2.7M in Series A Funding

As reported on The Straits Times and The Business Times, SensorFlow is proud to announce that we have successfully raised US$2.7 million in series A funding led by private investor Pierre Lorinet, along with contributions from existing investor, Singapore-based Cocoon Capital. This is also followed by Entrepreneur First, Investments, Aurum Land and Insitu Asia […]

Get your Hotel A 10 X ROI with Predictive Maintenance – and the Latest Approaches

Key article highlights: 1. Compared to reactive strategies, predictive maintenance can: – Generate savings up to 40% – Improve equipment productivity by 25% and reduce downtime by 45% – Prevent and reduce catastrophic breakdowns up to 75% 2. Retrofit solutions that enable condition monitoring significantly reduce initial investments typically needed for predictive strategies 3. Latest […]