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SensorFlow’s Officially Opens Our New Office at HIVE Lavender!

SensorFlow’s moved into our new office in Hive Lavender! Growing from a lean group of 7 to a diverse team of 50 staff strong, we’re full of bold innovators making smarter, greener buildings a reality – one hotel room at a time!

SensorFlow Insights: Key takeaways from within the hospitality industry

Over the past weeks, Sensor Flow has been participating in industry events and conferences, engaging in conversations around “What is the most fundamental change that we aspire to bring into the hotel and tech ecosystem to adopt sustainable practices and move towards an all-round development?” While the answers and discussions have been diverse and ranging, there were overlapping themes that we would like to highlight below.

EF’s Spotlight Video: SensorFlow, 2 Years On

2 years ago, Max and Sai were just strangers with a common hope of changing the world. Now, they’ve founded a team of 30 strong, working to combat climate change by making buildings smarter and greener. Thank you Entrepreneur First, for bringing SensorFlow’s founders together so we could reach for a vision that we couldn’t […]