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SensorFlow is a Singapore-based, full-stack company that combines the use of wireless IoT solutions and AI-driven automation to make smart buildings a reality. Starting with hotels, our solution enables smart building management through maximised energy efficiency, optimised operational productivity, and enhanced sustainability. 

Founded by Saikrishnan Ranganathan (CEO) and Max Pagel (CTO) in 2016, SensorFlow evolved from the pressing need for energy optimisation worldwide.


“We aim to combat climate change on a global scale
with IOT and AI technology.”

Where it all started

Sai and Max recognised that hotels are one of the biggest victims of poor energy efficiency. However, like most buildings and properties, they face large barriers to adopting existing solutions as many properties are limited to small Operations Expenditure budgets and available solutions are not only costly but also massively disruptive to install. With that, SensorFlow developed a retrofit IoT solution that enables any building/property on any budget to optimise their energy consumption with no operational disruptions and at no upfront cost. We also help improve a building's overall productivity and efficiency by providing actionable insights from big data collected via our large network of advanced IoT devices.


SensorFlow was born

First prototype created of our products

SmartREM minimum viable product (MVP) launched

SmartREM new & improved occupancy sensor created

Raised US$573K for
Seed Round Funding

Signed our first property - Oootopia

Raised US$2.7M for
Series A Round Funding

Signed our first brand - Ascott Limited

Signed over 5,000 rooms across Southeast Asia

Raised US$8M for Series A+ Round Funding

Signed over 10,000 rooms across Southeast Asia

Our energy-savings calculation methodology has been reviewed and verified by EarthCheck to be true and accurate

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February 2021

Meet Our Founders

Saikrishnan Ranganathan
CEO and Co-Founder

Driven by the vision to mitigate global challenges, Sai has consistently worked towards engineering solutions that are practical, adaptable, and aligned with immediate climate problem challenges. The keystone of Sai’s leadership is his business acumen and high-level black box thinking, which is reflected in SensorFlow’s smart home automation, Internet of Things (IoT), and energy monitoring solutions.

Sai also has a background in energy management and smart home automation; he has worked extensively on energy monitoring solutions for schools, data centres, homes, malls, and factories

Max Pagel
CTO and Co-Founder

Max has 12 years of experience in hardware development and worked extensively on research projects on the interoperability of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. With his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of Lübeck in Germany, Max developed his expertise as a research associate for the Felicitous Computing Institute at the National University of Singapore. He focused on developing advanced frameworks for the Internet of Things and his work was published and demonstrated at the IoT Conference 2015 held in Seoul after winning the best Demo award.


Incubators / Accelerator Programs


Awards and Certifications

Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Award 2020 IoT Energy Category
Top Energy Efficiency and Top IoT Application Startups 2020
Top 10 Travel and Hospitality Solution Providers Of 2020
Top APAC 25 Company in 2020

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